I’m Dr. Tracy Erfling, a naturopathic physician in private practice since 2001 in Astoria Oregon.  I graduated from the National College of Natural Medicine in 2000, and recieved my undergraduate degree in Biology and Chemistry from Willamette University in 1995.  I run a part-time family practice, with an emphasis on treating women and their families.  My therapeutic focus is in nutrition, botanical medicine, lifestyle counseling as well as hydrotherapy, flower essences and homeopathy.  I have considerable experience with hormone realted health concerns, digestive symptoms, perform women’s annual exams, well child exams, and much more! 

I am the mother of a boisterous first grader, 2 dogs, a cat a leopard gecko and five chickens.  I love the outdoors, yoga, swimming, my woodburning stove, cooking and my fabulous husband.

How to contact Dr. Tracy

Phone:  503-440-6927

Office location:  2935 Marine Dr.  Astoria, OR  97103     (I share office space in the Astoria Chiropractic Center)

Fax:  503-325-9135

email: erflingnd@hotmail.com

As a patient of mine this is how you are welcomed to my office…

Welcome to the office of Tracy Erfling ND 

Please take a moment to read this information, which pertains to your health care with a naturopathic physician.

Naturopathic physicians are primary care doctors, and have the diagnostic and therapeutic skills to manage any health care issue you would commonly seek attention for at a conventional doctor’s office. The difference lies in the philosophy of naturopathic medicine, which believes and practices in treating the whole person with the least invasive, most natural methods possible. Naturopathic medicine is also clear in its goal to seek the root cause of your health concerns. This means that the treatments may lie outside of the symptoms that you are experiencing, as those symptoms are the body’s message of dis-ease as opposed to the condition itself. This philosophy allows for a much deeper experience between patient and doctor, a sadly missing element in current medical care. Therefore, Naturopathic medicine requires not only advice and therapeutic tools from me the physician, but work from you as well; together our power to heal is strong and long lasting. It is often overlooked and undervalued that our bodies want to be well, their capacity to heal is immense and the nourishment and support of natural medicine makes these changes absolutely possible. I look forward to commencing our journey towards better health together.

Sincerely, Tracy Erfling ND

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